Stabilization and Countering Violent Extremism

Terrorism and violent extremism have been a problem in East and Horn of Africa regions over the past decade. This problem has manifested from ethnic, religious, social, economic, cultural and tribal conflicts. The diversity of the region has at times contributed to the worsening of factors leading to radicalization and violence, but at other times has helped to build community resilience and to foster transitions from conflicts to peace. Given both the current and historical context of East and Horn of Africa regions and their complexities, it is imperative to stop the spread of messages of hate, violence, violent extremism and terrorism throughout the region, and instead provide alternative approaches to overcome conflict and tensions between different groups

Baasham Research and consulting seeks to offer government agencies, practitioners, civil society organizations and policymakers engaging in the space of countering violent extremism with data and analysis as well as tools and approaches to better enhance efforts to reduce the condition for extremist groups to continue de- stabilizing communities. At Baasham Research and consulting, we offer support to various actors build community resilient to destabilizing factors by working with various at-risk groups such as the youth, the marginalized and minority groups within the community.

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