Democracy, Governance and Human Rights

Dictatorship form of government coupled with weak governance, corruption, post-election and ethnic violence have caused the collapse of governments and descent into civil war among the states in the horn of Africa. This led to insecurity, destruction of social, economic and political infrastructures and human rights abuses perpetrated with impunity became rampant. In Somalia for example, the 1991 collapse of the central government provided massive opportunity to violent extremism groups to establish and nurture their networks and carry out terror attacks against the weak Somali government and its partners and perpetrate human rights violations against the citizens. Somalia recently emerged from a long and difficult election process that resulted in the sizeable election victory of President Mohammed Abdullahi “Farmajo”. The rare moment of unity, however, has been offset by attacks in Mogadishu and rural areas carried out by al-Qaeda’s franchised Al-shabaab.

At Baasham Research and consulting, we offer comprehensive contextual research in the areas of democracy, inclusive governance, elections and human right violations meant to support our clients to design their programs through participatory governance, human rights promotion and community cohesion, institutional capacity development, civic education and comprehensive outreach activities meant to build trust between different stakeholders among the federal, regional governments, political parties and constituents through a gender-sensitive approach that advocates for the inclusion of youth, women and members of the marginalized members of the society. We work with UN and International partners to focus on the development of capacities for the government officials, members of the political parties, to demonstrate good governance and democratic processes and promotion of human rights, thereby improving citizen confidence in government and reducing the appeal of violent extremism.

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