Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Somalia

Upholding democracy, governance, human rights, and peaceful citizen participation, we are a non-profit organization promoting credible elections and sustainable democracies. Established to support democratic transitions, we initially focused on contributing to free and fair elections. Our early work involved restoring peace through conflict monitoring, mediation, and investigative strategies, particularly in post-election Somalia.
Elections in Somalia

The Elections and Political Process (EPP) programs at our institute focus on supporting district, state, and national level stakeholders to ensure inclusive, peaceful, and credible elections in Somalia. In this regard, Bashaam provides support to inter-governmental bodies, civil society, and election commissions through election assessments and electoral assistance initiatives.

Training on Electoral Management

Electoral management encompasses both the entity responsible for governing elections and the various mechanisms, roles and functions this entity may have. While all democracies have an election administration of some kind (often referred to as Electoral Management Bodies, or EMBs for short), the responsibilities of this entity may vary substantially. From only being responsible for the polling, conducting and tabulating of votes, EMB responsibilities can extend to also include registration of political parties, oversight of campaign finance, design of the ballot papers, drawing of electoral boundaries, resolution of electoral disputes, civic and voter education and media monitoring.

Through, Baasham’s professional team, we provide training services to election administration staff,  parties, communities and other persons involved in election management. Our training services are not limited to the political elections but also meant to assist management of elections for private and other public groups such as SACCOs and farmer groups.