About Us

Baasham Chartered

We specialize in the acquisition of services and comprehensive, supply chain management for corporate clients, NGOs and Government ministries
and institutions in Somalia. We know the importance
to provide help to each unique client in finding the right
products, services or equipment at a reasonable

We offer better services through our Supply Chain Service

Our Mission

To provide unparalleled quality services to our clients with a view to increasing their productivity and capacity by observing industry best practices. Baasham Chartered Ltd is the leading supplies company in Somalia and we intend to stay there. Our management therefore decided that an itinerary was needed for sustained success and decided that a Visions & Values culture change programme be introduced. Our vision describes where we want to go and our values describe how we get there - and stay there.


Our Vision

Our aim is to remain the leading supplier in the region. To achieve this, a strong focus has been placed on quality of service to our customers. Baasham Chartered Ltd is and will continue implementing best practices based on its vast experience and unique knowledge of the global market conditions. The result of this will ensure a superior quality of service that is customer focused and will benefit every customer.


Our Focus

Baasham Chartered Ltd ascent to market Leadership is the fruit of our perpetual focus and emphasis on high quality service delivery. We work diligently to meet the needs of each individual or corporate client with carefully tailored solutions based on industry best practices.

Our Company is always ready to work with you.