Our Services

Baasham Chartered Ltd

We specialize in the acquisition of services and comprehensive, supply chain management for corporate clients, NGOs and Government ministries and institutions in Somalia. We know the importance to provide help to each unique client in finding the right products, services or equipment at a reasonable price.

General Supplies

Baasham Chartered Limited specializes in the provision of cost effective products and services ranging from electronics products and accessories, supply of food stuffs, beverages, office automations, and stationeries among others all over Somalia. We focus on delivering high-impact solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to the client's requirements.

Building Materials Supplies

Baasham Chartered Ltd is your local number one friendly facilitator and supplier of building and construction materials and associated services to contractors and end users. We work closely with some of the biggest manufacturers and distributors in Somalia and we give and unrivalled service to customers who require these services on a daily basis. We supply the following building materials

General Maintenance

Baasham Chartered Ltd strives to provide Maintenance and Management solution to Government Departments and commercial property owner in Somalia, although we are aware that management and maintenance are different solutions, we are happy to announce that as a team of professionals we are able to provide you with property management services.

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